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GR260 Shame, Exposure – ‘Biohazard/Isolation’ C50
GR260For the last 30 years, the work of Paul Steinborn’s Shame, Exposure project has gone almost completely unheard besides a few rare compilation appearances. For the first time since it’s brief and limited distribution by S/M Operations, the first (and only surviving) full length recording is being released again on cassette. Paul Steinborn, along with Skott Rusch and Lon Diehl, were among the early Industrial pioneers out of Port Huron, Michigan in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Rusch and Diehl formed Hunting Lodge and the S/M Operations label, while Steinborn, after a stint playing guitar in a punk band called Problem, started working on Shame, Exposure around 1983. Shame, Exposure performed an unknown (and most likely small) number of shows in the area (often playing with Hunting Lodge) and recorded a wealth of material, only to end the project by 1984 to focus on his day job. His last known recorded appearances are his guitar overdubs on recordings by Hunting Lodge and John North Wright. Though Steinborn’s archives sadly contain no recorded Shame, Exposure material, this tape has been uncovered by fellow Port Huron pioneering alumni Jeff Central, complete with the original artwork. Additionally, this reissue contains a cassette-sized 14 page book with original photography by Steinborn, originally intended for further cassette releases that unfortunately never happened and unseen by anyone but himself until now. Only 30 copies with this booklet are available. Double sided color art and booklet. A remastered CD version featuring additional compilation tracks and alternate art is available through Exoteque Music.

GR279 Screw Machine – ‘Early Works Of Skott Rusch 1981-1982’ 3xCS boxset
SAMSUNGScrew Machine was the short lived and little-known first project by Skott Rusch, founding member of Port Huron, MI industrial pioneers Hunting Lodge. Three tapes were recorded and distributed very briefly locally and through the mail, sent to popular industrial artists at the time. In early 1982, Lon Diehl, another local musician interested in challenging and innovative music, heard the tapes, and soon after Hunting Lodge was formed. In the same instance, Screw Machine was terminated. The cassettes – “Mental Block”, “Working With Flesh & Metal”, and “Tattooed Fetus” were forgotten as well. 30+ years later, i’m proud to present, in newly remastered form, 3 cassettes of some of the earliest murky, organic, minimal noise recorded in Michigan. Packaged with two booklets featuring original art, liner notes, and more. Quite graphic imagery inspired by SPK, etc. The historic significance of these tapes cannot be overstated – these recordings helped directly lead to the formation of Hunting Lodge. All tapes recorded 1:1 in real time. Xerox art and booklets, labeled tapes. Parties interested in obtaining this set elsewhere, please contact Jeff Chenault/Exoteque Music at

GR285 Minoy – ‘Godcunt’ C90
SAMSUNGMore unreleased work from the late master of controlled noise. Angry, desolate drones recorded at the beginning of 1993 – less than a year after his ending public activities, and just a year before his final recordings. Some of the harshest work in the vast Minoy catalog. The title says it all. Recorded 1:1 in real time. Xerox art and labeled tape.


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