Bicephalic Records

BC010 ‘Pixel Hexing‘ DVD
bc010_smallA DVD compilation of databending & video art. Features sound & video artists from around the world.

BC011 Don Nichols & Bryce Beverlin II – ‘Fortments’ 3″CD
bc011_smallFree-sound found-improv. Percussion and mouths doing pleasing things together.

BC012 Invertabit/August Traeger – ‘Cacophonies’ split C30
bc012_smallSound collage compositions + insects + birds. Invertabit’s side is sourced from field recordings of insects. August Traeger’s side is sourced from field recordings of birds.

BC013 Peer Group – ‘Personhood for Megachurches’ 3″CD
bc013_smallElectronic noise compositions for your favorite fantasy.


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