Absurdia Records

SORRY (the artists usually known as “William S. Burroughs Hurts”) – ‘Silver Surf Motel Ocean Front Indoor Pool’ C60 5€
hgAfter five years of being heavily active under the name “William S. Burroughs Hurts”, touring all over Europe, releasing two full length albums and 2 EPs, and even publishing two books written by singer Janne Ratia and piano man Thomas Antonic, the band decided to take a break and kick off an anarchic side project. As SORRY they released their first album now as C-60 cassette only, with 8 bluesy / folky / experimental songs on the A-side from different recording sessions in Finland and Austria, partly mixed by legendary bassist and producer Kramer at his Noise Miami studio, and one very interesting experimental track on the b-side called “Poems from Whoreship Island”, a 30 minute long tour de force featuring the recitation of Bukowskiesque poetry accompanied by a wonderful undertow, created only by an acoustic guitar and an old pump organ.


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