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Ariel Kalma – ‘An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 – 1979)’ 2LP/2CD
An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 – 1979) compiles unreleased recordings from the archives of multiversal artist Ariel Kalma. Kalma’s boundary-blurring electronic music is heard here in radiant detail across a selection of work spanning his early free-jazz and spoken word trips to his infinite modular synthesizer and analogue rhythm machine meditations. Kalma’s story is one of world travel, musical discovery and ego-abandonment – an artist who often discarded public recognition in favor of the ascetic truths in music making. Both standard black vinyl and limited green pastel colored vinyl editions are available to pre-order now at the shop, but the digital album can be downloaded immediately.

Bing & Ruth – ‘Climber (Dreams of Quebec)’
Bing & Ruth share “Climber (Dreams of Quebec)”, their contribution to Stadium & Shrines’ series, Dreams. “Dreams is an exploration of places, or rather, ideas of places from a bygone era, through collaboration.” Inspired by Nathaniel Whitcomb’s handmade collage invoking a Canadian landscape where recreational sledding leads to glacial inevitability, Bing & Ruth’s live recording of “Climber” (an outtake from their recently issued Tomorrow Was The Golden Age) provides a slow dose of courage for serene ascension. Or in these sledders’ case, acceleration. Learn more about “Climber” and the collage at Stadiums & Shrines.

Guiddo w/ Georges Perin – ‘Gin ‘n’ Tears’ 12″
Globetrotting music producer Guiddo debuts on Beats In Space Records with the Gin ‘n’ Tears EP, three tracks of Balearic bliss featuring the soulful of psalm of Greek-French vocalist Georges Perin.


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