Fleeting Youth Records

FYR018 ‘Blooming‘ CS $6
FYR018Featuring amazing hand drawn art from Valentino Tettamanti, this blue cassette with black ink holds 90+ minutes of fuzz-fucked bliss from 33 different bands. Grunge, shoegaze, post-hardcore, garage rock, and more!

FYR019 ‘Baldy Longhair & Fleeting Youth Records Present: Two Way Tie For Last‘ CS $5
FYR019A collabo compilation with Baldy Longhair Records! 38 Bands, 38 New Songs, 101 minutes of punk, garage, and fuzz rock madness.

FYR021 VLMA s/t CS $5
FYR021This striking Baltimore Oriole orange cassette with black ink holds VLMA’s first two EPs where early Mudhoney-esque grunge meets charged-up garage punk a la FIDLAR.

FYR022 Le Rug – ‘Swelling (My Own Worst Anime)’ CS $5
FYR022This crisp clear cassette with blue ink holds Le Rug’s latest and (supposedly) last intense and debased record full of death, cynicism, and heartbreak.


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