Yerevan Tapes

YER006 – BIRD PEOPLE – ‘King of the Grove’ C40
When thinking of Vienna one might assume it would be the furthest thing from Yerevan. Two totally different and separated expressions of the human idea of beauty. Nevertheless, there’s a best-kept secret dwelling in the alleys of the old capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which really put these two thousand-year old cities in contact. An amorphous musical entity, trying to approximate the sound of a hummingbird’s wing beat in outer space – as they say themsleves. For those of you who don’t know yet, Bird People is such an entity. Recording and self-releasing small-run tapes and CDRs on their own Feathered Coyote Records since 2011, the creature captained by Ulrich Rois has been creating a costant flux of overwhelming drones embellished by psychedelic marquetries. It is therefore such a pleasure for us to put out the latest Bird People effort meaningfully called King Of The Grove. Two long tracks, one per side, almost 20 minutes each one. While A side To Peer Into the Huntress’ Mirror is an awakening ritual at the gates of dawn, A Harvest of Birdsong and Bones is a cosmic journey through realms unknown. Bird People at the big finale in St. Pölten, photo by Joshua Churchill. The album was inspired by Frazer’s account of the Diana worship in the sacred woods near Nemi and its connection to an old fertility cult in his book The Golden Bough. Out 8 April on pale grey tape with photographic insert and artwork by S. Anhayt. A limited edition of 70 copies.


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