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Son Of A Bricklayer – ‘Out Of The Fire’ C20 $8
outofthefiresmallFrom the eerie tone-setting introduction to the final beats drum slap – Out Of The Fire marks another masterpiece of Copenhagen’s Son Of A Bricklayer. The drumming is intricate, deliberate, and rolls at a steady tempo. The samples are create a fascinating backdrop, yet it is so nice to hear the upfront drum beats. Out Of The Fire presents a journey through Embers and Vapors – the burning movements like a flicker of a flame that bounce as the music gets heavy and dances at its breaks. The beautiful of Son Of A Bricklayer’s production is how he balances the album and intertwines the movements of soft and hard, the drums slam to a stop at just the right moment for the atmosphere or piano to come in and carry you faintly into the next movement. The skillful craftsman bridges Out Of The Fire like smoke lingering in the wind. Featuring artwork by Bethaniens Dust – conceptual box casing and light brown cassettes limited to 116 copies.

Feend/Manofue Wurdz – ‘Novaturient’ C41 $6
novaturientsmallNovaturient is often referred to a lost word… yet its meaning is about desiring change in one’s life- something so many of us can relate too. Allow Feend and Manofue Wurdz take you on this soulful journey of desire, as the two Southern California beat producers bring 41 minutes of mellow beats and chilled sounds. Feend has been a favorite of ours for awhile now, following up 2013’s Secrets, Novaturient introduces us to more heavy beats that take their time coming across the speakers like a fine polished wine the presentation and discourse is intoxicating. Manofue Wurdz without hesitation introduces his side with a definitive construction of samples and beats. Jazzing his style up, Manofue Wurdz continues the progression of downtempo beats that you can just chill to. Overall Novaturient is laid-back on its approach but finely tuned as such an enjoyable release. Limited to 109 beautiful blue cassettes.


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