2:00AM Tapes

2:01 Vales – ‘Galapaghost’ C48 $6
Vales - GalapaghostExotic modular synth explorations for your late night island experience. Ditch the Corona and chug the psychoactive slime. Limited to 50 copies. Pro dubbed High Bias tapes.

2:02 Autistic Argonauts – ‘Go-Go Rotte’ C38 $6
autisticargonautsRuth-Maria Adam and Ronnie Oliveras of Datashock and Flamingo Creatures along with Daniel Voigt (Hering und seine sieben Sachen and SicSic tapes) team up for a stunning dreamlike adventure that feels simultaneously cosmic and nautical, pastel and etherial. And you’ll have a good time listening to it! Limited to 50 copies. Pro dubbed High Bias tapes.

2:03 Shingles – ‘God First Planted A Garden’ C27 $6
shinglesJesse DeRosa (also of Grasshopper) is a talented mofo. The shit the dude has sitting on his computer unreleased because he thinks it isn’t good enough would put my best of days to shame. That being said, this tape is my favorite thing he has ever done. God First Planted A Garden is a soundtrack for a non-existent film that adapts the story from the o.g. Mary Shelley Frankenstein novel. Made with EVI, an MS-10, Electric Bass, and a typewriter, DeRosa hones his most focused and complete work to date. In the wrong hands the premise would induce some major eye rolling. But the hands were right. Limited to 50 copies. Pro dubbed High Bias tapes.


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