I Had An Accident

Marjen – ‘Marjen’ C12 $6
marjensmallMarjen – the Saskatoon artist – creates a sketchbook of instrumental beats and experimental electronica. Pretty synths nicely capture the movement with emotional drum patterns and cinematic climaxes. Marjen’s self-titled album is a series of short works, downtempo pieces that are picked up and dropped off, the movements are fresh, and deliberate. Four drum-heavy short attention span pieces per side. Limited to 80 red cassettes.

Hyderabad Ghost – ‘Arkworld’ C32 $10
arkworldsmallArkworld is the debut release of Australia’s Hyderabad Ghost. The album provides an ambiance of chilled out dance beats laced with calming tones and splashes. Nightlife lounge scene of ghosts sauntering through the backdrops of a city skyline that doesn’t seem to end. The figurative fire and ice of laid back boom hiss no clubbing forte of Arkworld is capturing as the free flow feel and cool vibe whispers late nights. Limited to 66.


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