SF Broadcasts/Feathered Coyote Records

Jung An Tagen – ‘Vielheiten’ C40
animalSF Broadcasts: “A long array of changed identities brought Jung An Tagen to this distinct territory – by transforming his past aesthetics to a vision of morphing movements between high energy and zero gravity states, this debut release from Jung An Tagen examines polyrythmic, permutating loops with a heavy 93’ acid drift to add and subtract from this moiré figures fragments of musical structures.” Feathered Coyote Records: “Feathered Coyote is proud to present the debut album by Virtual Institute Vienna associate Jung An Tagen as a co-production with esteemed Vienna label SFB. The most beat-based Feathered Coyote release yet, we think that this tape is one heck of a mind-melter with its carefully sculpted and ever-changing modular beats and its subtle psychedelic edge. Repetition and change are locked in a trance-inducing dance that will leave you questioning your perception of time.”


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