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Technicolor Teeth – ‘Can You Keep Me Out Of Hell’ CS
TTAG015COVERCan You Keep Me Out Of Hell is the first 2014 release from Wisconsin’s downer pop noisemakers, Technicolor Teeth. The cassette gathers previously released singles and new material into one fully realized release. New songs, “My Darkest Love” and “Tomb” spring to life with a circular pop structure that leaves you wishing they would go on forever. “Alone On A Cloud” continues to perfect the dream-like sonics that Technicolor Teeth highlighted on their last single, “Blood Pool.” Its vulnerable vocals laced over drone-y and dreamy instrumentation feels like a memory you hold close and never want to let go. And they don’t limit themselves to slow burners – “First Born” has a bursting youthful power pop undertone that few bands achieve with the complete confidence that Technicolor Teeth has in spades. If songs like “Drips” and “Sage” from last year’s highly acclaimed 7 inches were the announcement that Technicolor Teeth are a band to watch, this cassette makes the argument that that they are one of those special bands that come around rarely – a band that creates songs that not only stick in your brain, but stick in your heart too.


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