Field Studies

FS14 – Golden Donna/Floating Gardens C30
fs14_psiPro-dubbed on chrome, edition of 100. Golden Donna, the eminent analog giallo voyager, leaves the drum machines on standby as he makes the Q-jump to the next system. Detuned, emotive leads mark the contours of the ensuing stroboscopic passage, gently tensing inwards, only to relax outwards once more. /// Three energetic states discovered amongst the multiform chambers and biosystems of the Floating Gardens. Climbing the tone ladder to eco purity.

FS15 – Kyle Landstra – ‘The Illusion of Becoming’ C32
fs15_psiPro-dubbed on chrome, edition of 60. Monumental, enraptured synthesizer drone pours from the hands of this young Midwestern healer. With simple tools Landstra pulls celestial chorales from background consciousness into presentness. Realized in the moment–both live and in solo reflection–these sessions of personal exploration are as devotional as they are elegiac, joyful as they are solemn. Composition through active meditation.

FS16 – Lens – ‘Visions Meet Light in the Cult House’ C82
fs16_psiPro-dubbed on chrome, edition of 60. A smudge stick smolders softly in an abalone shell. Cedar and pine underfoot, the smell of rich loam mingles with the sage smoke and wafts quietly through a small opening cut in the roof. The guiding frequency emanates from its place in the darkness. Liminal dub, snatches of EVP, the fundamental tone–all summoned to consecrate the ritual space, to emphasize the formless mass hanging just above the hewn lintel.

FS17 – Journey of Mind – ‘Soma String’ C21
fs17_psiPro-dubbed on chrome, edition of 60. Hands moving patiently across the face of a clock without end. Jimmy Billingham (Tidal, Clime, many more) mends fragments of easy listening jazz, smooth fourth-world ambient, and euphonious solo piano into four capsules of perfect stillness. Captured and minutely reassembled in his tape decks, time slows to an imperceptible trickle, sands from the eternal hourglass suspended in situ.


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