Field Hymns

FH039 Mattress – ‘Fuck The Future’ $6
FH039RIYL: Nick Cave, Suicide, Dirty Beaches. Portland Oregon’s reigning king of white-velvet doom returns with a sixer of vile yearnings and throbbing confessions. Gritty analog drum machines and flabby baselines drenched in reverb fill holes in the body formally filled with things like love and forgiveness. FUCK THE FUTURE has been said to be rough around the edges, brooding and somewhat frightening, like “Stephin Merritt crooning inside a locked closet”…

FH038 Oxykitten – ‘Escape From New Amsterdam’ $6
FH038RIYL: Dr. Octagon, Add N To X, minimal synth. Slow, dark and brooding are the streets in New Amsterdam – gangs run everything, law is dead, people are terrified and the awful heat of summer will not abate in this filthy town. The survivors and the lucky have retreated into abandoned tunnels deep under the city, seeking respite, safety, a chance to start anew or perhaps to just wait out this civil war. But even deeper beneath them something is stirring; a dark malevolence is awakening, nourished by the pain and suffering that trickles down to pool in its ancient sarcophagi…as unbearable as life has been for all of New Amsterdam, the real horror is only beginning…


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