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NNA065: Migrations In Rust – ‘Two Shadows’ LP
9c8e5db3ace3ebef5fac2776d6c1311a01f75dd8Migrations In Rust is Jesse Allen. As a member of the Red Light District collective in Queens, NY (which has included some of the best in modern experimental musicians such as Yellow Tears, Pharmakon, John Mannion, Diaphragm, DJ Dog Dick and a slurry of other side projects, solo projects and collaborations), former member of the Cathode Terror Secretion and current performer in Cowards, in addition to producing and performing under the guise of several other solo projects (Hollow Seed, Goldeater, etc), Jesse has been actively pursuing many diverse avenues for his musical expression. Migrations In Rust, whose original sonic intentions could have at one time been more easily categorized as “ambient” music, has slowly shifted towards the unrecognizable. Migrations In Rust has ascertained as Jesse’s longest running solo endeavor and holds as his most personal, having transformed from merely a study of emotion and a practice of understanding emotions into something altogether more grand and wholly personal. Three years in the making, during which Jesse relocated from New York City to the valley of Western Massachusetts, “Two Shadows” communicates the yolk of this transformation. The elements of interplay between turmoil and tranquility, and the means of composing “organically” to achieve these results, have been filtered through new approaches in an attempt to reach closer to a finer understanding of grace, and towards more precisely using music and sound as a vessel of psychic emotional transmission. Throughout the record, orchestral landscapes blend with rustling concrete textures, settling in a purgatory between melancholy bleakness and slow-burning serenity. Each second is densely packed with incredible detail and carefully-layered instrumentation, crafted with an expansive palette of acoustic, electronic, and naturally-occurring sound sources. Amorphous melodic passages travel with well-paced fluidity from one idea to the next, producing a dream-like narrative. At times placid and evocative, “Two Shadows” also has a tendency to teeter on the edge of powerful ferocity, sometimes brewing with crackling fury while tastefully maintaining the restraint not to explode into outright violence. This shifting temper is constructed with elements of noise, ambient, hip hop, musique concréte, and sci-fi R&B, all finding their place in the innovative tapestry that unfolds across “Two Shadows”. This album showcases the results of discipline, love, and persistence in one’s craft and NNA is honored to finally share this work with the world. Mastered and cut by Lupo at Calyx Mastering in Berlin, Germany.

NNA066: Hubble – ‘Hubble Eagle’ LP
70a45a5a7d09276926e8c33de4b9803bdd3299f5NNA is thrilled to bring you “Hubble Eagle”, the latest full-length from Ben Greenberg’s Hubble project. Having cut his teeth in numerous bands such as Pygmy Shrews, Zs, and most recently with The Men, Greenberg has been fostering and cultivating his own unique reexamination of the the guitar as an instrument, resulting in a minimalist and truly psychedelic whirlwind of notes,  first displayed on his debut release “Hubble Linger” on NNA in 2011. Since then, the Hubble sound has matured and expanded, taking in new ideas and influences while still retaining the rock and roll hypnotism of it’s “one man and his guitar” rawness. On “Hubble Eagle” we hear Greenberg launching his guitar mantra even further into uncharted territory. Opening with the side-long “A Star Or Two Beside”, Hubble trades in his trusted electric and opts for acoustic guitar, which when subjected to Greenberg’s turbulent tapping chops, yields incredible and unexpected sonic results. Complex percussive patterns begin to emerge, creating a raw rhythmic backbone for a constantly shifting vortex of overtones and harmonic weavings. These dulcimer-like pluckings ping-pong back and forth across a vast stereo field, creating a whirlwind effect that sweeps over the listener like river rapids; bubbling, rushing, chaotic, and endlessly flowing. After some immersion, the barrage of notes can start to feel automated or even electronic, until brief pauses and subtle flourishes break the hypnotic spell, reminding the listener of the human nature of this music. Side B opens with the breaking of more new ground on the track “A Long Way From Home” originally by The Kinks, Hubble’s first cover song. Inspired by Greenberg’s rigorous touring schedule on the open road, Hubble meditates on the feelings of isolation and melancholy set forth in the original song. By deconstructing the riffs and rebuilding them in the Hubble framework, the track turns into an electro-acoustic hybrid that is entirely new in sound, employing alternate tunings and adding vocals for the first time in the project’s history. The result opens new harmonic gateways for the notes to flow through a psych-rock atmosphere. Closing off with the title track “Hubble Eagle”, Hubble is in it’s truest form with a powerful electric guitar exercise. The playing is mechanical in its relentless repetition, creating guitar fractals that seem to crystallize around themselves like the formation of a galaxy. Rock riffs are contemplated, exposed, and ripped to shreds by Greenberg’s signature three-finger tapping technique, drawing upon raw bluesy or even gritty Americana-like tonality. The sound becomes so full-spectrum that it creates audio hallucinations, causing one to hear perhaps organ, voice, or synth… before breaking back into the reality that it is has been the sound of solo guitar all along. Greenberg successfully reminds us of the importance of hand-played music and the human touch in a time when electronics and circuitry along seem to prevail. Enhanced by the record’s flow from acoustic into electric sound, the result of “Hubble Eagle” is a truly unique modern guitar album. Mastered and cut by Lupo at Calyx Mastering in Berlin, Germany.


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