Null Religion

Dementia and Hope Trails/Boar/Bob Bellerue – ‘The Three Pound Enigma’ C90 $7
Dementia and Hope Trails_Boar_Bob BellerueA three headed beast of beautiful soaring guitar drone, harsh and pummeling noise, and an abstract quietly complicated drone piece. The three artists come together on a beautiful journey through some new imagining of the three pound enigma. Dementia and Hope Trails is probably my favorite drone project out there, with the most amazing soundscapes and melodies, and this tape is no different by any means. Boar lays down some pummeling, absolutely crushing relentless noise that doesn’t let up once. Finally Bob Bellerue ties up the piece with a stark contrast to Boar with a quiet, nuanced, and abstract piece of small movements and breaks into thumping and loud peaks of sound. Limited to 49 copies on black and white tapes. Double sided full color J-Cards featuring original artwork by Cree Butcher, lay out by Wade Clanton.

FASX – ‘That’s Not My Name Anymore’ C35 $6
FASXBuzzing parts of a whole not yet a material presence. Field recordings found at a thrift shop microcassette stumble out from who knows when onto cassette tape. Pulsating rhythms lead into darkness where the future and unknowing awaits in its various forms. Don’t go there. Stay back and watch. Let the form take its course. This is a special edition tape celebrating a year of releases from Null Religion. Limited to 10 black cassette tapes with smiley face stickers and double sided art on heavy cardstock. Art by Cree Butcher and Wade Clanton.


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