Dub Ditch Picnic

Hafner – ‘Gentleman’s Hang Club’ C30
Hafner is Jake Finn – a one man post punk dirge noise band that all at once throws us back to drinking twofisted pitchers (!!!!) of beer while checking out the most obnoxious post hardcore hate that AmRep and Touch and Go could send north. Oh the 90s. RIYL – Cheater Slicks, Flipper, Vertigo, Drunks With Guns. Ed. of 40 w DL.

Crabskull – ‘Keep the Evil Away’ C90
Ever since we released the Jovian Black Opera tape a few years ago – we’ve been huge fans of all theings Crabskull. Last Spring I was riding with Chrys & talking about future Crabskull projects and we got on the topic of Fletcher Pratt’s Dub Series. Chrys mentioned that he had been playing around with a mix of Dub 45 at 33rpm. 90 minutes of slwwwww dub jams. Best as the nights get longer and the dark keeps you off the streets and behind closed doors. Ed. of 40 w DL

Crabskull – ‘Phelgm Bomb Trick$’ C90
2nd a trio of Crabskull c90s – Phelgm Bomb Trick$ is the logical follow up to Chrys’ self released Phlegm Rock Vol. 1 cs. While he essentially sold this to us as a collection of “trap beats” – it’s so so so much more than that. This collection of instrumentals will be held up as a prime example of a producer that is just coming into his own. Duplicated in real time from analog source. There is also a digital version of the album that has some cross over – but for the most part is a completely different record. Ed. of 40 w/ DL

Snailpoison – ‘Live in the Hatnhiman Caves’ C90
3rd of trio of Crabskull releated c90s, Live in the Hatnhimen Caves – is full on techno. The shortest track is in the 9 minute range – so that’s plenty of space to chill out and melt into these full of creeped out Crab vibes. Duplicated in real time from analog source. There is also a bandcamp version of the album that encompasses 2/3rds of the cassette. Ed. of 40 w/ DL


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