Retrograde Tapes

rgt #13: Crodar – ‘Movie’ C23 $5
crodartape100E-Mu synths, samples, and other filtered sounds compose Corey Mahaney’s latest solo work: six scenes of an imagined film, each written with a deft sense of musicality & an uncommon organic quality that belies its sources. From powerful Eastern-tinged drone to more subdued synth glow, each track represents a shifting audio backdrop of varying vibes, often displaying a reflective quality while always retaining a feeling of raw sincerity & thoughtful contemplation. Type II, high bias chrome tapes. Edition of 50 with mini-poster included from the artist.

rgt #11: Kevolych – ‘Abstract Frame’ C26 $5
kevolychtape100Working with a stockpile of homemade synths & noise generators, Joseph Connelly jams out layers of circuits on circuits in exploration of texture, contrasts in intensity, and contemplative ohm-drone sans any sort of forced spiritual connotation. Starting in a godless synth temple, the atmosphere initially seems devoid of life until other writhing layers find their way in. Things take a turn for the worse & a wall of harsh noise buries the place with the listener inside it. Negative Nostalgia unfolds in similar fashion but in place of harsh noise the open air swells into the morass of a stirring insect jungle, dense with a squall of evolving noise & burnt-circuit clamor. Type II, high bias chrome tapes. Edition of 50.

rgt #10: Zonal Taste Wand/ZX-9 – ‘Negative Space/Partition Function Part 2’ C47 $5
ztwzx9tape100Two of Australia’s finest synth manglers, Ben Lynch and Luke Morris comprise a dual-Aussie split on Negative Space/Partition Function Part 2. Zonal Taste Wand starts us off with a lumbering, beat-driven electronic sandstorm that dissolves into a tense relative stasis just long enough to make the eventual paranoia of a bad trip hit even harder. Meditation follows. On the flip, ZX-9 creates minimal & mechanical test tube drippings spoon-fed to you by automatons in six short experiments, the results transmitted from a robotic lab deep underground directly into your lab rat brain. Type II, high bias chrome tapes. Edition of 50.


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