Whiteness & Pinkness

Always – ‘Cartoons + Television (Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday)’ 7″ $11AUD(AU)/$16AUD(WORLD)
Mini-album comprising of eight new songs in the style of Alwayss Cruising + Gross Odour” 7” from 2006. Sometimes the songs are awkwardly spoken, sometimes theyre chanted, sometimes the poetry is accompanied by found recordings of outside activities, heavy breathing, etc. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies + comes with many inserts. With “punch-out” style centre holes. The purchasing of this record will secure you a membership in the Always Fan Club; where you’ll get many exclusive offers on Always merchandise (incl. posters, zines, t-shirts, badges, jewellery, stickers, and more!)

AMK – ‘Residue/Scrape’ C80 $5AUD(AU)/$8AUD(WORLD)
Active since the early ’80s, Anthony M. King, better known as AMK (and Big City Orchestra) is an American pioneer of experimental music based on extreme and concrete turntablism. AMK is the godfather of a burgeoning community of artists in the Los Angeles area who are pushing the boundaries of turntable-noise artistry with unique ways of creating looping and abstract repetitive patterns and sounds. Residue/Scrape” was originally issued by Kinky Music Institute in the mid ’90s. He was doing some tape stuff back then that is better then what most others are coming out with now. Obey. This 2013 reissue comes with new remixes on the B side. Limited to 100 copies and co-reissued with Palemoon Productions.

PVA in Hair/Pregnant Pig split C10 $5AUD(AU)/$8AUD(WORLD)
Pregnant Pig side consists of vocals, guitar, door harp, bell tumblers, flute, and ice-cream maker. Recorded onto tapes, manipulated and then re-recorded live via eraser-headless cassette recorder. Material recorded between july and november of 2012. PVA in Hair is fluid punk. Dripping, collected in a muddy puddle, evaporating etc. Made up of members wet & torn. Their side was made via finger to dictaphone pause button, vocals and various outside miscellaneous noises in the streets of Clayton. Other fragments recorded in Wet’s loungeroom, storage shed and garden. Limited to 20 hand-numbered copies with full-colour wrap-around j-card. & co-released with Bergenost.

Andrew Chadwick – ‘Calls’ C50 $5AUD(AU)/$8AUD(WORLD)
The A side was recorded on September 12, 2006 in live performance at a celebration of John Cage’s birthday at Shantytown in Jacksonville, FL using six cell phones and a mixer. Arrangements had been made to call 29 people in randomly selected order for sound contributions. Not all of these calls connected; when they did, not all of the sounds came through. But the attempt was made to call the following, in this order: A.M. Salad, Yip-Yip, The Hi-fi Envelope, Aaron Zarzutzki, Charlie Mcalister, Travis Stewart, Tom Smith, Brian of Kenesaw Mountain Landis, Fall Apart Machine, Andy Hess, Alan Mills, Lance aka Guhts, Caustic Castle, The Curious Hair, Irene Moon, Work/Death, Oubliette, Praew Jik, Cory Monteiro, J. Huntington Chase, Uh-Oh Spades, DJ Jaunty, C. Goff III, Wether, Nelson Hallonquist, Hal McGee, This is My Condition, Yellow Crystal Star, Id M Theft Able. A random incoming call was also accepted. Many of those listed do not have sounds contained herein, but pre-determined parameters & chance yielded these results. To match the phone-theme of this tape, there are old answering machine messages on the B-side. These were recorded about 20 years ago, immediately after Andrew finished high school. His family answering machine was microcassette based and hooked up to the house phone. He recorded them to cassette by taking his boombox, pressing play on the answering machine, and just recording the message as it played into the room. There never were any plans to do anything with these messages, Andrew is just an archivist at heart and loved his friends. These are random, embarrassing, funny, boring, etc. Limited to 30 copies.

Mold Omen – ‘Quest for the Snakehead Tapestry’ C34 $5AUD(AU)/$8AUD(WORLD)
From Baltimore, USA. Any fan of freaky noise will surely enjoy all of this. Chocolate Monk fanatics, Head Boggle followers… this is for you. Lots of acoustic stuff and electronics. Some drums, random objects with squeaking and banging… records… true controlled freak-out. Subdued hallucinatory shit. Weird tape loop manipulations, high levels of distortion, chaotic scratches, junk metal, guitar scratches & experiments with various sources of sound. Recycled tapes come packaged in painted, duct-taped covers made from disused record sleeves. All copies come caked in a mixture of paint, grass and sometimes hair. And a couple of copies come covered in dirt. And one copy comes covered in unlucky three-leaf clovers. Limited to 30 hand-numbered copies.


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