Jon Collin – ‘Citizen Kane Junior Blues’ C36 £4
jcsmallTramping down to the old mill, encumbered by borrowed office equipment and without shoes. JON COLLIN’s trance-hypno guitar explorations sweep away the mundane and reveal the uncanny. A fine tuning of reality through song and the soundtrack to the chip shop myths of western Essex. A certain stuttering symbolism is seen here in full bloom – defying definition and judgement, these masterful noodling are raw and unprocessed – a real tasty mirage. Bumped numb by potholes, and blown dry by a chilled north wind, the listener is lowered gently into a harmonious, warming embrace. One for fans of Fahey, Basho(s) or S.Bull, with big cases, and blurred artwork. Limited to 36 copies.

Elizabeth Veldon – ‘The Lady Chapel’ C46 £4
evsmallELIZABETH VELDON currently resides in the brittle northern outpost/half-downloaded cybernetic dream village of Edinburgh, and has been calmly sculpting sounds (both found and forged) for a long bloody time. Cold stone walls drip with ectoplasm, warm summer evenings exist in the beer garden, bath time meditation and post-“lovely big lunch” relaxation converge. Remember when they found all those dead pigs in the Huangpu river? Thousands of rotten hogs. THE LADY CHAPEL is a stunning narrative on the beauty of collapsing allegory, a silent wail into the oblivion of honesty, a nightmarish whisper followed b a month-long bear hug. Drone Alone. A great tape for fans of stuffy offices, flickering street lamps and lemonade (made with real lemons), and available here with full-colour “twins worry at the mountainside” artwork, foggy tapes and “fungus” on-shell stickers. Limited to 32 tapes.


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