Constellation Tatsu

PURR 0028: Ill Professor – ‘Wire & Air’
Brian Harding of Zelienople. Dream freedom in the wind’s bullseye, between praising sunshine and shifting rain – little merry springtime settles on the advancing shade. None there are empty and no one refuses to time.

PURR 0029: Daniel Klag – ‘Inner Earth’
Reality and absorption the self as many season. Illusions of stillness lift expression through sustaining. You cast yourself on your surroundings and here, with each breath and pulse imperceptibly distorted spacing. Continuing change and widening.

PURR 0030: Reuben Sawyer – ‘Constricting Realities’
Oh, BABY we’re sun and fire or so most of the night remembers. Block the sober thoughts and the places where most have already gone home. A few remain without exception.

PURR 0031: Angel 1 – ‘Purple Haze (aka Boy Snacks)’
Try and up that feel-good jam and ride worlds with spinning city’s. Now delete scene. Where’s the fucking high?!


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