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BLOODWALL – ‘The Smell Of Burning Anti-Freeze’ C40
bloodA serene and pastural lattice of melodic modulations intertwine for complex harmonic bliss. Graham Baldwin (of Visitor, 2208 Records) comes through full force with this stunning new long-play album of ethereal guitar and minimal electronics, conjuring meditative numb mode for tranquilized agoraphobia. After a slew of remarkable self released tapes and records, it’s long past time we lend a helping hand to further disseminate the work. “The Smell Of Burning Antifreeze” provides an interesting juxtaposition to previous Bloodwall releases. Where earlier work features prominent drum machine thump and electronic sputter, these beautiful new recordings capture a more pristine and distilled approach, showcasing supreme six-string chops complimented by deep synth water-tone. A delicately layered sheen of circular shamanic sound. Hand screen-printed clear shell Type II cassette comes packed in 100% post-consumer recycled brad pack sleeve featuring two color screen-printed artwork sourced from original photograph by G. himself. Print and design by M.H. Released in an un-numbered edition of 100. Not to be trifled with


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