The Fractal Skulls/Adam Willetts split CS
Resized-7X6VMFractal Skulls is a High Wycombe, UK based master of the kosmische. His side of the tape follows on from a full length on Subexotic and cassettes on Blue Tapes and Reverb Worship. Unashamedly mellow, ‘Telepylos’ melds the highest regard for the likes of Terry Riley & Cluster, with a hint that we should be questioning everything. Adam Willetts is from Christchurch, New Zealand. Over the last few years he has been quietly releasing a slew of clever electronics, for imprints such as Fictitious Sighs and Dungeon Taxis. ‘Sandyford Lines’ marks a step into the minimal. Super focused synth action comes to the fore whilst brushing aside any sense of melody, recalling the likes of early electronic experimenters Raymond Scott and Karlheinz Stockhausen. In an edition of 70 c40 electric blue cassettes in yellow library cases. 3 colour risograph sleeves designed and printed by James Hines.


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