Constellation Tatsu

PURR 0024: Floating Gardens – ‘Generalife’
Taken high beyond the normal scenery, outdoor programming cultivates life aboard the in-plane, flexural, and geometric gridpax that has become the new unsequenced way of living. Motioning keyboard fingers show the way.

PURR 0025: Emuul – ‘Free Structures: What We Thought When We Thought The World Was Shifting Under Our Feet’
Like a spinning ribbon, powered by the present shapes with side sky moving existence struggling. The reality around us is what is heard and the stories passed on with the present is all I know and that I am pleased.

PURR 0026: Günter Schlienz – ‘Organ Studies’
The night sky blossoms with beams distant, familiar-arcing between islanded hubs. Fleeting bridges form and resonate hope with memories of hope. Silence made nocturnal shuttering.

PURR 0027: Giant Claw – ‘Music for Film’
All that remains on the sun purged top layer is the sprawling city of industry. The machines heave against the sun – shadows of pirouetting cogs, skipping pistons, and graceful automatons flaunt a defiant ballet of life under the hellish gaze of the sun.


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