Auditory Field Theory

The Revenant Sea – ‘Self-titled’ $8 C46
revsmallChrome Cassette; Ltd. Edition (50). The Revenant Sea is the alter ego of Matt Bower (Wizards Tell Lies). The Revenant Sea’s self titled debut elaborates on ideas Bower seeded on Wizards Tell Lies’ “The Failed Silence” (First Fold Records, 2012). With this release the listener is led on a voyage through dark, ambient soundscapes that evoke sci-fi nightmares and long forgotten ghost ships on troubled black oceans. The Revenant Sea conjures hostile alien invasions, amoral extra terrestrial human gene experiments, earthly psychic attacks and the chattering voices of ghosts in the telegraph, distorted lost transmissions from a fading human race. Weaved of intricate aural tapestries and complex sonic spectrums The Revenant Sea is a haunting, beautiful and inter-dimensional work worthy of deep exploration. This is music for deep space and floatation tanks.


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