Truco Espárrago

MATATUS – ‘Psychedelic Apocalypse’ CDr 6€
TR-022pequeAfter his work in projects such as Eldar or Asbaar, Marc Merinee created Matatus to mix industrial sounds, noise, ritual atmospheres and power electronics. The new album “Psychedelic Apocalypse” is a portrait of different diabolic entities around the world. The personality and attributes of these demons are portrayed through Matatus’ characteristic dark sound: suffocating atmospheres, ominous echoes, repetitive rhythms, eruptions of noise, and low voices denatured with abrasive electronic effects. “Psychedelic Apocalypse” is a gloomy, dense, agonizing, and threatening album. It is presented in professional CDr in a square DVD box, with more than 50 minutes of music, in a limited edition of 50 copies. You can get the album for 6 euros plus postage through the label Truco Espárrago.


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