Space Slave

Kyle Landstra – ‘New Light’ C40 $7.5
kyle landstra apShaded synth dripping through a solar sieve. Type II 40 minute cassette Space Slave 13. Hand painted, Ed 50.

Courtly Illusion Limited – ‘Untitled’ C20 $7.5
courtly illusion ltd apThe coyote’s shape shifts as manipulated rhodes and guitar amble in the tall grass. Type II 20 minute cassette. Space Slave 14. Ed 75.

Tuluum Shimmering – ‘Raag Wichikapache/Lake of Mapang’ C45+C15 $14
tuluum shimmering apA weave of watery loops conjured by aerial roots and canopy dwellers. Type II 45 and 15 minute cassette. Space Slave 15. Hand painted, Ed 100.


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