Lighten Up Sounds

CORPSE CANDLE – ‘Don’t Kill The Messenger’ C48
CCA painful voyage, lumbering and poisoned. Robert Meldrum delivers with a singularly gruesome and severe approach for this new long play album of eerie drone swamp and mangled horror sound. A set of five brutal navigations through crumbling tunnels of stone and rubble, hurling headlong into the pit of stinking tar. Haunted wailing and undulating sulphur tone morphs into abrasive grinding shrapnel, an ultimately terrifying barrage of distressing apparitions. Real time duplicated translucent Ghoul-Green cassette with black and white labels comes packaged with glossy double sided black and white cardstock J-card in a matching custom-painted green and clear Norelco case. Hand-numbered edition of 50. The howl of triumphant decay.


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