Constellation Tatsu

PURR 0020: Looks Realistic – ‘Where Does It Come From?’
Description: Joseph Bastardo and Ryan Mulhall erase the earth from all directions, drawing in a home where mountains grow, rainbows bow, and melodies play throughout the land.

PURR 0021: Fluorescent Heights – ‘Tidal Motions’
Description: A hue technicolor and dominant. The sun is here, but we are not here, permanently folded by the sun’s vacation-pebbles that radiate like floating metal. What do they do?

PURR 0022: GREYGHOST – ‘Memoirs of Dementia’
Description: Controlling your heartbeat, peace pervades your space, bringing with it clarity and new life to the stillness of the indoors. Tones coalesce, lazily see-saw, and gallop away — rumbling out through the walls.

PURR 0023: Hobo Cubes & Jonathan Carr split
Description: Trudging through the choking darkness of an uncertain cavern, Hobo Cubes brings warm lights to forgotten sensations. Then along comes Jonathan James Carr with a continuum of transient beauties in this organically flowing work.


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