Yerevan Tapes

Cannibal Movie – ‘MONDO MUSIC’ C30
MondoMusicThe italian drums+organ psych duo comes back, after their debut LP Avorio, with two new, obnoxious songs. One per side, almost 15min each one. Microphones In The Trees blog says: “Two long underground jams are the best recording of the duo. The first side takes you in a hypnotic journey to the afterlife, I like to think (even if only organ and percussion) in early Amon Düül, the darkest ambient of German Oak and surrounded by accumulated strain that doesn’t end explode, as the great recording of japanese Jacks. The other side begins more meditative and at times ethereal, until the percussion opens the path to a ceremony of a secret brotherhood with dissonant textures and hypnotic pulse”. Comes on pea green cassette with photographic insert and usual esotic artwork by S. Anhayt. A lmtd edition of 100.


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