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Fatal Jamz CS
NAC_3-Panel_JcardTemplate_FRONTFatal Jamz hesher~glam pop band of singer Marion Belle of Bowery Beasts and muli-instrumentalist extraordinaire Dan Horne of Beachwood Sparks & The Lilys. The two longhairs and their cast of Echo Park goons holed up for the first few months of 2012 in Horne’s infamous garage studio known as Lone Palm, where anyone from Matt Fischbeck to Ariel Pink to White Magic might happen to poke a fuzzy head in to observe their strange orchestrations. When not distracted, they worked savagely~hard, meticulously shaping the 14 songs which Marion had envisioned as a “a very personal, paradise-lost, Purple Rain meets Tommy version of the modern L.A. scene.” The debut album, “Vol.1″ was recorded to 2” tape and features the wild stylings of Nick Maybury on lead guitars, Nicholas Allen Johns on keys and guitars and Felipe “Pipe” Ceballos on drums. It was described by famed Redondo Beach blogger Delightful Pete in this way~ “Although I never dreamt it possible, here is a land where the hesher blood-cries of Sebastian Bach blend uncannily with the high-society glam of Roxy Music. This this the world of S.E. Hinton’s Outsiders come to life on some 2012 street, where a voice croons like Holden Caulfield on acid, spinning school boy tales of strange ages, pleasure domes, long haired babes & scorpion chains. WTF!? Songs like Trudy, and She’s Giving Up On Her Love, more than anything else I’ve heard lately, will be the soundtrack to this generations’ Gas Food Lodging, Goonies and Pretty In Pink. This is a weirdly powerful crew, & this is a new POP music that could save you for a while.


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