‘Spective Audio Releases

The N.E.C. – ‘Last Point of Radiation’ LP $18
Flexing their muscle with pummeling, layered rock and expansive desert explorations, The N.E.C. present an opportunity to feel the energy of their powerful live sound on wax. Last Point of Radiation presents another chapter in The N.E.C.’s journey from rollicking acid punk to meandering power pop, offering the group’s most direct, immediate statement to date. The trio’s dynamic focus is enhanced by the recording and delivery of these performances. Recorded on an Ampex AG-440 1” 8-track, the N.E.C. delivered the bulk of these cuts on the first take. Each member of the trio maintains a spirit of structured noise on Last Point of Radiation, resulting in a collection of concise, intense statements.

The N.E.C. – “Six” b/w “Popsicle” 7” $8
Atlanta’s Natural Extension Concept (The N.E.C.) play dynamic, driving psychedelic rock on their latest single, the lead track of their forthcoming LP, Last Point of Radiation. “Six” is loud, focused, and noisy, as The N.E.C. pummel your ears with a relentless riff. Truly a monolithic sound, the band unify to drive their parts into oblivion. The exclusive B-side, “Popsicle,” yields burned-out sunshine pop, equal parts soul and debauchery. With this flip, The N.E.C. maintain soulful rhythms with a catchy anthem alongside their noisy lead cut. Screenprinted art ensures that each single is a unique artifact for the listener.

I\D/Under the Velvet Sky split CDr
From dense noise to unrestrained free jazz, Singapore collaborators I\D and Under the Velvet Sky present an engaging split. Under the Velvet Sky contribute five jazz performances, lending a rhythmic, energetic shift from I\D’s extended drone. A shift from I\D’s wild fusion to sublime experimentation.

The Leavitt Ours – ‘Return’ C26 $7
Beneath the shadows of Chicago’s fuzzier and heavier psychedelic sounds, The Leavitt Ours perform experimental pop in the private press tradition. In order to develop and produce their own reflective spaces and musical statements, the trio embrace aggressive ambient soundscapes, synthetic guitar tones, eclectic percussion rhythms, and driving keyed bass and synthesizer backbones.

various – ‘Vital-Sound I‘ C62 $7
Atlanta and Chicago psych bands split this compilation, presenting everything from paisley, drone, and repetitious instrumentals to acid blues, pure noise, and doom is covered here. Atlanta contributors are Sovus Radio, Soft Opening, The N.E.C., All The Saints, Brainworlds, and The Sunny Muffdivers. Chicago contributors are Implodes, The Great Society Mind Destroyers, The Leavitt Ours, and Killer Moon.

Sunny Muffdivers – ‘All Half Evil’ C26 $5
Pure sonic assault from Atlanta. Crusty psych sludge doom featuring bludgeoning rhythms, repetition, and drones create a disjointed landscape in which your mind and emotions can hide.

The N.E.C. – ‘B-Sides’ C46 $5
Rarities, oddities, and background tracks from Atlanta psych/rock outfit versed in driving song craft and sonic exploration. Songs collected from 2007’s “Million Minks” through 2010’s “Is,” splitting ambient and heavy sides of Atlanta psych.


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