Tuurd – ‘uusi tuuli’
Pounding, devastating, sludge from Rochester duo Joe Tunis (Carbon Records, Crush the Junta and many other incarnations) and r.nuuja (Pengo). This is the soundtrack for the end days; the prophesied 1,000 years of darkness. Fear not the doom, the math-metal-rock or the gurgling, unnatural chants on “Russian Frankenstein”. Sit back and let uusi tuuli guide you through the circles. Hand numbered edition of 100.
Drowning the Virgin Silence – ‘Blue Noise’
Drowning the Virgin Silence’s Blue Noise creeps up and floods the listener with a shadowy and moody sense of foreboding. Dark drones on the title track are an initiation to the horrors and beauty drawn together by the following tracks . Wide drifting spaces start to open up, but by ‘Strangeways’, the listener is enveloped in a warm, melancholic cocoon. Hand numbered edition of 100.

Loud and Sad – ‘False Intimacy’
Loud and Sad (Nathan Mclaughlin and Joe Houpert) sustain a state of constant motion with oscillating drifts and peaks, as wistful piano notes intermingle with low electro-grumbles. Full of warmth and the occasional streaks of cool, False Intimacy is that dream-like memory which both comforts and plagues; a sort of self-reflective lucidity. Hand made, silk screened, stamped and numbered matchbox cases with booklet. Edition of 100. Design and layout by Travis Johansen.

Bjerga/Iversen – ‘Cascading Failures’
The electric siren song that is the opening track on Bjerga/Iversen’s Cascading Failures, pulls the listener into uncertain depths; a journey through pounding percussions and electro-waves pulsing through space. Forging ahead, low grumblings claw their way into the forefront and creeping back to unknown depths, leaving the listener in the wake of the final track’s ritual chants and haunting chimes. Hand numbered edition of 50.


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