I Had An Accident

Asiatic – ‘Problem: Attic & Erb N Warfare’ C35 $6
Asiatic is the sound of the street.  Developing his own style of hip hop and rap music from the inner city of Baltimore, Asiatic challenges the urban street fashion with his own brand of cultural hip hop.  Streetwise lyrics and ghetto beats, self-produced and constructed with a methodical flow of lyrical stylings straight out of the city.  The stress of living on the street, Problem: Attic explores the hardships of the struggling hip hop artist in the down that just says “Believe” with little hope of ever alleviating the daily routine.  A laborer by day, Asiatic conforms and constructs the city’s essence in hard hitting tracks and sensual beats.  Combining two EPs, Problem: Attic, a rising above, being true to oneself and loyal to your roots; and Erb N Warfare the true expression of the street and the culture that surrounds it.  Limited to 50 with mp3 download with purchase.

Heart Heart Julia – ‘Damn’ C30 $5
Damn is the repressing of an old Afternoons Modeling split with Julia Ladense on cdr. Damn features Justin playing some darker guitar pieces with George Dutton rounding out the album. The darkness comes from a period of time in which Maryland was receiving one of its hardest winters ever, and after a few blizzard like snow-falls, the album was recorded. The feeling of being trapped inside and the helplessness of watching the snow increase inch by inch was frightening as darkness overcame the already cloudy night. The hollow sounds were desperate and cold. Uses a broken amp that created unplanned crackles and the sound of an emergency vehicle storming through the night, Damn is beautiful and lonely. Limited to 20 on red liner cassettes.  Mp3 download with purchase.

Heart Heart Julia – ‘Soundtrack For Anthropologie’ C66 $5
Written in 2006 as two long experimental guitar pieces reworking Nelson’s classic “After The Rain” and an abstract interpretation of Boston culture – Soundtrack For Anthropologie is ironic and dramatic. Reworked and finally completed in 2012, the gravely instrumental pieces prolong the unique style and blend of distance typical of Heart Heart Julia. This new version, now on cassette, features new artwork and ivory cassettes. Limited to 15 on ivory cassettes and chrome tape.  Mp3 download with purchase.


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