ROMCOM/Magic Fades split
At first listen it seems strange that Magic Fades and ROMCOM would
make a split cassette together.  Magic Fades’ well-structured R&B sex
jams seem to exist in stark contrast to ROMCOMs corporate muzak
chop/screws and samples.  Whereas ROMCOM exists somewhere within the
vaporous ethers of the internet, puzzle-pieced together by a
foundation of filthy beats, the only thing filthy about Magic Fades’
sound is the lyrical content. Magic Fades, providing the listener with
smooth hooks, sensual synth sounds and well-crafted consistantly good
songwriting, differs greatly from ROMCOM who relies more on repitition
and the use of loops. However, despite these differences the two bands
seem connected and appropriately paired in a way that, though hard to
define, makes sense.  Within the science fiction reality of our
technological age, as well as with the overstimulation of constantly
accesable media and communication, bands like Magic Fades and ROMCOM
exist as a bridge between the electronic abstract reality we surround
ourselves with and the physical realm.  This relationship between
these two seemingly unrelated bands serves to create an engaging
listening experience and a quality cassette as a whole: something
definitely worth listening to as reality fades further into second


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