Constellation Tatsu

PURR 0012: Prayer – ‘Second Species’
Description: An introspective, precise circuit revealing the emotive faculty of a solitary synthesizer.  Prayer will skip stones across the surface of the still, quicksilver pond of your mind, slowly disturbing the unknown depths of thought.

PURR 0013: Pleq/Quinn Walker split
Description: Bartosz Dziadosz and Quinn Walker’s collaborative effort strikes the collective conscience.  Center your being as invisible springs, electric in origin, attach to the outer edges of the mind and collide with an incandescent force.

PURR 0014: Toning – ‘Ideas of Visions/Stuck in Slime’
Description: Ideas of Vision – Strings bring warmth to a cold chamber, thoughtful clangs suggest hard stone beneath your feet.  Sparse light sneaks through the window from the street revealing the huddled bodies.  You begin to drift and to accept. Stuck in Slime –  Added layers of arabesque, synthesized pathways over driving, staccato percussion reveal the chaotic beauty in a stifling metropolis.  

PURR 0015: Journey of Mind – ‘Oil Burner’
Description:  A liquid of infinite blackness exists at the center of the Iris; A place where each idea forms a ripple; Where each idea grows and dies within the confines of an instant.  Journey of Mind can take you there.


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