You’ll Never Get to Heaven – ‘You’ll Never Get to Heaven’ LP
You’ll Never Get to Heaven is the stunning new ambient, electronic pop project by partners Chuck Blazevic and Alice Hansen of London, Ontario. Chuck has been creating abstract electronic music for years under both his own name and the tag Dreamsploitation, so it is no surprise to hear such beautiful washes of tone and melody on this new album. Most of the source material is taken from early 20th century classical and ‘70s dub vinyl, with decade’s worth of scratches and dirt beautifully processed into flourishes of swirling texture. Alice’s delicate vocals emerge from this ambient fog to guide these tracks through a dream of pop music long forgotten here at DIVORCE. This is a stirring record. We could not be more pleased to offer it up this fall. Available as a DL and in a limited edition of 300 vinyl copies.


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