Robert & Leopold

Hanel Koeck – ‘Francis Bloom, His Mistress & The Dullard’ C30 $8(US)/$10(World)
Found and forgotten sounds of Hanel Koeck. Music for guitar, 3 screws and a copper pipe followed up by studies for throat recordings and what only can be described at “construction sounds”.  Limited to 25 copies and comes housed in a 5 inch reel box which includes the tape itself, as well as a antique ‘date nail’ ripped up from the NP line out of Livingston, Montana over 60 years ago and a block of raw felt. ***NOTE: Due to this item coming with a metal nail, please check with your local postal customs agency before ordering. Not responsible for any items confiscated through the international postal system***

Âmes Sanglantes – ‘Have You Come Here to Torment Us Before the Time?’ C20 $7(US)/$9(World)
Edition of 99.  Biblical prophecy from the hands of Pierre-Marc Tremblay (Akitsa / Contrepoison) under the permissions of Âmes Sanglantes, prayer music for the pious unsought.  Noise swatch synthesizer omens easing steadily into a electronic benediction.  Over the past 14 years, this project has released some of its most dissent sounds on labels such as Hospital Productions, Troniks & Tour De Garde. Now focusing on a classical theme of disparate redemption and revelation, using the fatality of analog electronics to provide the hammer for the coffin’s nails.


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