Collaborative improvisations self-recorded at Fylkingen in Stockholm by pianist Leo Svirsky and violinist Katt Hernandez, both American-born exploratory musicians living in Europe. Leo asked us (quite a while ago) if we could put out this out on a tape, telling us the media form would be appropriate as the recording sounds “very black metal” – to make a long story short. Two very modern composers performing a genre-pulling twist of noise and note. The cover artwork is a collage by Berlin artist Tippi Tillvind. We put together hand-crafted cardstock boxes to house the cassette tape and a second print of the art. Edition of 100

Throughout the autumn of 2011 Silver Spring, Maryland free-tronica/electro-prov group Psychedelic Jam Band (P.J.B.) began to collaborate on new music with computer specialist and good friend Eddie Neuhauser. With a dual-chamber (live room, control room) space secured in the basement of a newly-furnished Northwest DC rowhouse, the Digital Research project was born from constant recording of jamming-out on electronic instruments, mapping samples to keyboards, designing synth patches, and rigorous late-night post-production.  Warm, flowing pads, 808-kit hits, ambient synthesized harmonies, and playful MIDI plucked strings create 38 minutes of sounds that seem to be coming from between late-’80s synth-pop and early-’90s IDM (of course slowed down with a heavy dose of alcohol). Unlike the P.J.B.’s studio recordings, there are no overdubs here – all instruments played to track live and in full ensemble. Appearances by members of Noise Complaint, Eulot Mauta. Edition of 100

BUSTED BOOT – ‘Psychic Transmission In Primitive Stereo’ CDr
Dirty organ-heavy reggae and brain-bending, bassguitar-thru-synthbox dub jams drenched with analog stompbox noisescapes and reverb tribal percussion. Melodic guitar- and synth-work make sure this half-hour EP isn’t short of any ambient industrial electronica and even a little rock ‘n roll. Edition of 100.


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