I Had An Accident

Choplifta | no_signal – ‘Pile of Accidents’ C67/DVD/poem $12
Pile Of Accidents begins with a curated survey of ihaa history presented by Choplifta. Combining elements of the best pieces of the ihaa catalogue blended in with remixes and soundscapes Choplifta puts forth a unique compilation redefining the greatest moments of ihaa history. 67 minutes on red hubbed clear tapes uniquely hand-stamped by the Annapolis Chosen. Continuing to further artistic representations and to stimulate further the senses – no_signal hand-plucked his favorite ihaa tracks and developed archival and psychothriller video representations of each track mixed into ten epic videos. Represented on a DVD with artwork by ihaa roster SAO. Pile of Accidents continues to titillate with a frenzied poem hand-written by Eric Larsen of Western Pines. A unique collaboration of fan and artist to present the label’s 100th release and a celebration of 6 years of business. Limited to 20 copies and includes c67 / DVD / Poem and mp3 download.

Fear Konstruktor – ‘Green River Shores’ C32 $5
A buzzing feeling of electricity fills the room. The movement of emotion and the humming sound of electrons bouncing back and forth against each other. Finding a void and channelling from one side of your brain to the other. A synapsis or controlled experiment. The force of electricity becomes overwhelming… shocking. Green River Shores takes on the presence of tossing the hair dryer into the bathtub – a lightning rod struck inside the pool… the calm moments before the storm… the heat lightning off in the distance dancing in the night sky as it slowly follows the thunderous clouds and the downpouring of rain. Fear Konstruktor captures these moments superbly with this limited edition c32 tape. Limited to 26 on yellow cassettes and chrome tape.


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