Truco Espárrago

Fasenuova – ‘A las Puertas del Ruido’
Ernesto Avelino: “This album is a glance to ten years of work, a selection where cohabit archaeological remainders of our Goodbye phase and also recent rehearsal tracks, recorded after the release of our last album to date “A la quinta hoguera” (Discos Humenates, 2011). “A las puertas del ruido” compiles pieces of our life as rehearsal-room musicians, willing to leave it all only to spend an afternoon flying behind the controls of our machines. This album distills part of the essence that guided us during the long period that goes from our beginnings, in the days in which we had the strong proposal of transfer the doors of noise and explore the landscape that there is at the other side, the same as Alicia behind the mirror; until today, in this special moment in which is released this compilation, working as we are in a new recording”. “A las puertas del ruido” is presented on a profesional digipack CDr with 10 tracks and 54 minutes of music, in a limited edition of 100 copies. You can get the album for 5 euros plus postage and handling through the label Truco Espárrago. Note: First 25 orders will receive two special photographs signed by the band.


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