Constellation Tatsu

PURR 0009: Quiet Evenings/Former Selves
Descend into the deeply personal sound of Quiet Evenings and experience music in both time and space. Gradually resurface on the sustained, perfumed bubble of Former Selves’ soporific harmonies.

PURR 0010: C V L T S – ‘Realiser’
All of the objects that surround you start to disintegrate as the electron beams sweep across your retina.  Picture clay images so hazy and familiar yet surreal, it’s as if viewing claymation for the very first time.  In this spirit, Beer on the Rug and Constellation Tatsu present an extended version of CVLTS – Realiser.

PURR 0011: Saguache – ‘Terrain’
C. Yantis under the moniker Saguache takes his free form improvisations far past the realm of apprehension.  Now completely frozen with fear; the body relaxes and a new state emerges of such convergent cacophonies.  No note escapes untouched.

CTATSU 001: Seabat – ‘Crescent ParC’ LP + DVD
Seabat offers a glimpse through the keyhole at a glittering future world formed from a pastiche of clever, nostalgic samples and dreamy synth work.  Illusions flow smoothly in your mind’s eye as Seabat’s world takes shape.


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