Dub Ditch Picnic

Cosmic Dead – ‘The Exalted King’
This Scottish psych hoard unfurl two side-long monstrous jams, setting the controls for heart of some darkened, dead planet. This is not a white hot, big bang skronk fest, however. This is the fallout after the bang, the slow mixing of elements in mercurial pools thick with murk, black waves slowly breaking and hissing upon jagged, newly formed igneous rock. Tumbling bass lines boil over simmering drums, while fuzzed guitars and synths roil and toil in great green clouds storming across the atmosphere. A far, far cry from self-indulgent guitar workouts or resin-stained one-riff snoozefests, The Cosmic Dead take you through the peaks and valleys of their world with great skill and restraint. But be advised, things get pretty hot once you get pulled in by the gravity of this band.  w/ download.

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