Full of Nothing

fon36 – Charlatan/Clathrus split $9.5(World)
Two drone swordsmen from America and Russia join forces on this cassette release to bring some altered beats to whatever is going on in the new noise. Brad Rose‘s body of work includes excellent releases under The North Sea cloak, as well as industrial noise damage of Ajilvsga and blurred pop brilliance of Altar Eagle, among others. Being the boss of Digitalis Brad had introduced the world to hundreds of records that melted minds, including quite a few of his own compositions. Charlatan‘s previous releases were mostly filled with lucid synth moves and slow drum pulses, varying from chill instrumental electronica to tongue-in-cheek frenetic twists. The new material is a transition release for Charlatan – kind of shedding the old skin and trying on the new one (that will then lead to the “Isolatarium” LP). One’s in for delicious heavy synth throbs, skipping arpeggios and techno wabi-sabi. Dmitriy Vlasov has been a dark knight of the new Russian experimentalism with hisBilliam Wutler Yea over-the-top digital rituals, later to return to Clathrus guise and explore the possibility of keeping it intricate and make the material more accessible. His “Aloof Out Rwanda” cassette on, you may’ve guessed, Digitalis Limited was such a strong statement Dmitriy needed to cement it with Brad Rose. Sad-eyes downtempo slopes overlap mutant dub explorations, assembled with a traditional stamp of Russian melancholy. Black / white tapes with full-colour J-cards designed by Ivan Afanasyev. Each comes with a download code! Edition of 100.


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