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Nicholas James Alcock – ‘Finite/Infinite’ C49
Finite (29:02) is a reflection on the nature of the finite, that is, the individual self stripped of any spiritual or eternal clothes. This is what we have the ability to understand with the senses. It is an attempt at recognizing the weight of the eternal, however constrained, and its a subjective view of what that could possibly embody. There is tension, but it is seemingly subconscious.  The second, Infinite (19:47), is concerned with the progression into the eternal, into the undetermined which is not yet realized. It is a reflection on the realm that exists outside of us; a cognition which attunes itself to our being, recognizably or not. It is an acceptance of the restrictions the finite has placed upon us, and in turn it is a call for an immersion within this unrecognizable, omnipresent, infinite state.  This second piece is considerably shorter, but the lengths are not necessarily fundamental to what is being expressed.   Recorded to cassette in May using voice, electric guitar, and tape loops at my home in Indianapolis. Hand cut, dubbed and painted cassettes with printed insert. Gray cassettes, black and white insert.  This is a debut full-length. I self-released a split cassette in February, which was reviewed on NFOP here.


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