JOHN MACEDO – ‘Silt’ C20 £4
JOHN MACEDO is a polymath sound alchemist from London. Having previously collaborated / performed with / remixed the likes of Phil Julian, Trencher and Chris Tosic, Mr MACEDO briefly descends to the Beartown gutter to bestow two deranged compositions upon our bewildered furry ears. SILT is loud, abrasive, textured and depthless. Composed with and performed on a custom-built modular analogue system, MACEDO’s label debut guides the listener into the inhospitable wilds of a glitching drone hinterland. Flowing and churning over the course of 10 enlightening minutes, side A shows an experienced disaster-naut at the peak of his powers, casting spells and taking metaphorical lawnmowers apart in equal measures. Flip the biscuit to reveal harsher, more opaque tonal structures. Entrancing, meditative and densely layered, side B is a cathartic realisation of the inherent blissful reality that comes from “making a right proper racket and that” Perfectly formed. Edition of 30 with textured paper insert, powder blue on-tape stickers and deceptively peaceful pea-green tapes.


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