Constellation Tatsu

Alexandre Navarro – ‘Sketches
Description: Sample manipulations amass as geometric patterns multiply and surround the user.  Approaching minimal electronics ever so gently, one gathers that this man understands his connection to this world and consequently takes flight.

Hakobune – ‘The Cowboy Across the River
The openness cannot be contained as stars brighten ten fold.  We are on the verge of shattering.  Hakobune aka Takahiro Yorifuji from a small town in Hyogo, Japan tears up the Netherworld.  This is form.  This is beauty.

Billy Gomberg – ‘Into the Fade
What if the doors of perception led you not to any sort of understanding, but a sort of cold objectivity to your surroundings.  the beauty found within a chair is shadowed through Billy’s combination of synthesizers and computers.  Intensify your interests.

Cankun – ‘Idle
Bouncy guitar riffs with splintering synth hits, Vincent Caylet of Archers by the Sea infinitely delays your thoughts.  Don’t let pollution get your mouth dry.


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