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Wind – ‘Sleep’ EP 19€
Wind is a norwegian psych rock trio consisting of Filip Ramberg, Martin van Houtum and Fredrik Severin. A trinity of close friends that share a vision of sound – with more than enough of neverending drumrolls, spaced out guitarlicks and organic bass. Wind are inspired by the psychedelic rock of the 60s, folk music from the East and spiritual jazz. Their new EP “Sleep” is a two-cut outing that blends traditional psych rock and touches of folk, stretched out with improvisation captured in the studio. It’s a dreamily hazy turbulence that rolls and churns across the ground, keeping their feet free and the collective head in the clouds with a focus that keeps the lengthy cuts from dispersing into formlessness. Wind freely mine a recognizable psych that has solid roots in the 60s, while sounding throughly modern and fuzzy in all the right places. Throwing Stones eases in with an almost Hendrix-y circular vibe that gathers more detail and slow-burn heat as it flows out. Guitarist Martin van Houtum and drummer Filip Ramberg share the vocals, dovetailing in perfectly with Wind’s languid groove…loose, but never lazy or loopy. Throwing Stones moves from misty psych pop into a longer muscular work out that organically unfolds. Cathedral seeps out into a sleepy percolating boil, getting a touch Floydish in parts and working into a frothy bubbling that dissipates gently out, chiming guitars working with rolling drums and bass to blur the finish line. Wind have a firm, but gentle, grip on the waking edge, shifting from one side to the other without feeling unstable or worse yet, uncommitted. Both tracks feel comfortable stretching their legs out and hint at a full length that would take their brief Sleep to full dreamtime. 500 copies – all on white vinyl.


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