Mecha/Orga – ’18:36′
Field recordings that took place in various countries (Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, England) between 2010 and 2012, were used for the composition of this piece. Segments of the recorded material were selected according to the needs of this composition which took place in Klaipeda, Lithuania between March and April of 2012. 18:36 is divided in four chapters, through which the combination of industrial sound and sound produced without any human activity is dominant. Mecha/Orga is the project and recording name of Greek sound artist Yiorgis Sakellariou, a self-taught musician working in the arenas of computer music and field recordings. Having a background in classical and folk (Mediterranean) music, he came to develop his personal language during the ’00s. Since then, he has been active internationally being responsible for solo albums, having composed music for short films and theatrical performances, leading workshops and ceaselessly performing his music around the globe. His practice is founded on the digital manipulation of environmental recordings. His palette of sounds is all-encompassing; from vibrating rail-tracks to refrigerators’ static, and from noisy waterfalls to the humming of insects, all may find their place in his arsenal. He only performs in absolute darkness, fostering an all-inclusive and profoundly submerging sonic experience. Also a member of the Athenian Contemporary Music Research Centre (founded by I. Xenakis) and of the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers’ Association. Since 2004 he runs the label Echomusic. 350gram velvet paper. Silver Cd-r. Design by bend dot gr and orila. Edition of 60.


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