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Defibrillators CDr $6
Defibrillators combine live drums with a range of homemade electronics, circuit bent devices and a repurposed Nintendo Wii remote. The duo formed in March 2008 at The Croft in Bristol when Seth Cooke and Anton Maiof started chatting over a cigarette outside the Merzbow, Flowers/Corsano Duo and Carlos Giffoni concert playing that night. The plan was to form an improvising duo that would be more flexible and spontaneous than other bands the two had played in previously.Since then they have gone on to play shows with Cut Hands, Charles Hayward, Neptune, Team Brick, Flower/Corsano Duo, Ryan Jordan and Heather Leigh Murray, as well as the inaugural Hokaben Festival with Aufgehoben and Sun Ra’s Arkestra. Their sound could be described as occupying the spaces between these disparate bands and musicians.  Defibrillators’ self-titled debut album was recorded in February 2009 at Shiftworks Studios in London, UK by Ellis Gardiner and produced by Anton Maiof.  It was assembled from two days’ worth of studio improvisations. CDr Edition of 25.


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