Tom Kitty Oliver

Tom Kitty Oliver – ‘Life on Loop.’
Limited edition of 100 pro dubbed cassettes. Life on Loop is the outgrowth of a tremendously productive 2011-12 for Andrew Hamlet. Buoyed by a happy tour of America and the success of his output as Pressed And, the culmination of a longtime collaboration with fellow musician Mat Jones, Hamlet unveils this latest album as his first solo offering under the name Tom Kitty Oliver. To some extent, it is a continuation of ideas first manifest in the collaboration; known for his work as a self-producer and electronic musician, he is nevertheless at pains to avoid the digital meditation of human experience. He describes Life on Loop as “more Ayahuasca journey than weekend shroom fun”. His description is appropriate enough given the tangible cycles that play out across the album and the transcendence he seeks through the interplay of ritual and novelty. Hamlet’s music is organic, textural, and lively in spite of what his interest in repetition might imply. With confidence and devotion he expands his palette, exploring farther and farther into a vein that at its start dogged him with its similarities to the then contemporary expression of “chillwave” as a movement. Really, it was a
problem of milieu – his experimentalism gave Hamlet a wider audience than he might have initially hoped for. His conscientious evolution as a musician, from then to now, makes Life on Loop all the more moving a statement of his art.


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